Friday, May 7, 2010

Save the SMU Press

Instead of a Friday Flash entry today, I'm posting a link to information about the elimination of the SMU Press. The Southwest Review, SMU's literary magazine, may also be threatened. Unfortunately, the only way to respond is to send a snail mail to the president. Here's more information about the issue:

And the President's snail mail address:

President Gerald Turner
PO Box 750100
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, TX 75275

Let's hope that he has a change of heart when he hears from the public.


  1. It's unfortunate that the only way to contact them is by snail mail. Perhaps that is part of the problem, they haven't kept up with the times?

  2. I agree, Laura. Something tells me, though, that they don't want to make it too easy to communicate with him directly.